Wolvserpent Records (WSR) is the private imprint and online distro for Wolvserpent and related projects. Including Aelter, Mezektet and Il'ithil. Wolvserpent Records 1st release was Aelter's Dusk/Dawn in 2009.

Shipping: We hope to provide the highest quality items possible and while we do our best to ensure a timely arrival of your items WSR is a small operation run by 2 people. These projects and this store are a labor of love and sometimes your items may be delayed due to everyday life circumstances, day jobs, touring, etc.

Feel free to contact us if youe have any concerns about the arrival of your items. Please allow 2-3 weeks.


THANK YOU for ordering directly from WSR we appreciate your support.



P.S. Please do not contact us in regards to releasing your project. As stated above this is a private imprint.